How To Use Online Content To Boost Your Professional Life

Dr Cody Hanish

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You do NOT have to become an "influencer" to make online content work in your favor...but it just might happen if you consistently do it well...

In this episode we speak to Dr. Cody Hanish, a chiropractor living in Sydney, Australia. He shares in depth how posting on Instagram and Tiktok has skyrocketed his business over the past several years. And not only that, the kicker is he's done it WITHOUT spending hours and hours on the platforms. He simply records what he does in his professional day to day routine, and hits upload. That's really it. Tune in to hear his story and advice, because no matter what you do for a living, it's important to understand that there's a massive opportunity in the world right now to create your unique digital footprint in your own style. This conversation serves as a prime example of what's possible in just a few short years.


Episode Timeline:

2:24 Who Is Dr. Cody?
3:40 Why He Moved From Minnesota To Australia
5:08 How He Initially Grew To 50k Followers On Instagram
8:49 The Only "Growth" Strategy That Matters When Starting Out On Instagram
10:30 Tiktok Hesitation/Growth To Millions Of Followers
14:25 A Common Mental Block For Those Trying To "Create" Online
15:18 Blowing Up Your Professional Online Presence w/ Content
22:28 Social Media Impacts On Life + Business
25:56 The Success Accelerator Of Life
28:15 Final Piece Of Advice
31:41 Rapid Sentence Completion Round