Just Do It Scared: Living Life On Your Own Terms

The Jessica Experience

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Everyone gets scared of putting themselves out there. That's a common feeling. It doesn't matter how small or big the action is, doing uncomfortable things is not easy. But if you can push through, feel the fear, and go forwards anyway...you just might uncover your dream life sprinkled with ultimate fulfillment + happiness.

In this episode we speak to Jessica about how she left school to pursue her own path. She explains her mindset, her actions, and what she executed on in order to live life HER way as a digital entrepreneur in Miami. If you're someone who is looking to branch out and start living on your own terms, this is a prime example of someone who is doing just that. Tune in for some great tips and insights into what it takes!

Episode Timeline:

2:17 What Jessica Does...
5:45 Dropping Out Of School
6:43 Contacting Brands To Get Paid On Instagram
9:47 Email Template
12:25 Whiskey + Water
14:19 Meeting Her Biz Partner
17:11 Keys To A Successful Business Partnership
18:06 New Agency
19:26 Online Monetization
23:23 Final Piece Of Advice
27:45 The Road To Passive Income
28:34 Rapid Sentence Completion