Living For The Thrills

Rob Rast

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Regret is the ultimate soul sucker. No one wants to feel like they "missed out" on something great. So how do you avoid regret? Answer: You take the leap. You take the risk. You do it scared. Because in the end, it doesn't matter if you fail...all that matters is your willingness to try. Then whatever happens happens, and you won't have to live life looking back wondering "what if"

In this episode we speak to Rob Rast, founder of FLX bikes and serial risk taker. Rob describes his journey in detail of how he went from college dropout to successful business owner. He describes his first couple business ventures, why they didn't work, and his eventual path to doing something that truly lights him up. Rob's life path has been anything but ordinary, but his mindset and willingness to take the leap has never waivered. Tune in to hear what it truly means to have a "one life" attitude, and how it's important to adopt if you're going to break away from any type of normal life routine.


Episode Timeline:

2:35 Biz Overview
3:39 Seeds Of Entrepreneurship As A Kid
5:26 College Dropout: One Way Ticket To China
6:36 Expectations Of Parents Vs Dreamchasing
9:19 First Biz In China: The "Bill Gates" Of Wine
12:55 Electric Bikes
14:02 Best Strategy For Launching A Physical Product
15:25 Scrapping Everything In The Name Of Quality
17:26 Profit Margins
17:58 Money Is A Tool, Not A Destination
18:48 Marketing Mindset + Price Points
21:26 Day To Day Operations
23:29 Influencer Marketing
27:45 Rapid Sentence Completion