Gen Z Creators: Fixing The Silent Money Pandemic

Taylor Price

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Featured Guest:  @pricelesstay

Personal finance is one of the most important real world subjects to understand as a human being, yet for some reason it's consistently neglected by the current school systems. This is one of the many reasons why expensive formal education isn't as relevant anymore, and why self-education is taking over...

In this episode we speak with Taylor Price, a female member of Gen Z who is changing the game of personal finance. Through her content, she educates and entertains when it comes to learning about credit cards, bank accounts, IRA's, debt, etc. She is filling a gap in the marketplace, and having massive success while doing it. This is a prime example of why the New Age World is taking over. As a 15 year old girl, who would you rather learn personal finance from? Someone you can relate to (who also knows what they're talking about), or someone 50 years older who has been teaching the same things in the same way, without ever adapting to the times? The answer is pretty obvious, and while we all are different ages and in different situations, the point is we prefer to learn from people we can relate to. This is where the world is going, and individuals like Taylor are leading the way. Tune in to hear how she's done it, and how you can too.


Episode Timeline:

2:45 What Taylor Is Known For
7:18 Blog + Youtube Beginnings: Breaking The Comfort Zone
9:45 The Secret For Producing Consistent Content
11:40 The Importance Of A "Why"
15:31 Monetization
17:22 Gen Z Culture In Corporate America
18:57 Biggest Mindset Shifts Of Gen Z
19:48 Most Powerful Piece Of Advice
21:07 Rapid Sentence Completion