You Don't Have To "Go Pro" To Make It

Pavel Barber

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Having interest in a sport, hobby, career path, idea, product, etc. doesn't mean you have to become a "top tier player/professional/producer" in order to enjoy it...or to have success with it for that matter. In this episode we speak to Pavel Barber, stick handling hockey specialist and coach. Pavel has dedicated his life to the great sport of hockey, and has done it without playing in the NHL. He's happy and fulfilled every week by being fully active in the sport he loves...and not by just playing...but by teaching and growing the game for others. This is a prime example of how someone can have ultimate success being involved in the category of a thing they most enjoy. There isn't just one way to do things, and there certainly isn't one path. In our new age world there is no limitation.


Episode Timeline:

2:37 Who Is Pavel Barber?
3:44 Getting Clients
4:57 Love For The Game
6:39 Finding A Professional Path...
8:38 An Analytical Hockey Mind
10:15 Charging for Coaching Services
11:33 Using Social Media As A Biz Growth Tool
15:17 What Does "Making It" Mean?
17:11 His Social Posting Strategy
23:07 Going Virtual...
25:08 Coaching Offer Structures
27:20 Final Piece Of Advice
28:42 Rapid Sentence Completions