Social Media Fame In Younger Generations

Lexi Schwab

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Featured Guest:  @lexi_schwab10

The pioneers of social media are millennials...but gen z has taken it to another level. With the rise of viral apps such as Instagram and Tiktok comes a world full of opportunities for anyone willing to put themselves out there. In this episode we speak to Lexi and Tyler Schwab. Lexi is a 14 year old girl who has gained a massive following on socials, simply by posting consistently and having fun while doing it....WITH her dad. He's the one behind the scenes and she's the one in front of the camera. Together they've developed a unique style of content production and have risen very quickly in influence. This conversation will give you a behind the scenes look into how they do what they do, and how they're navigating the wild west of social media. Tune in to hear both the good side and bad side of being a young influencer. This will give you some food for thought if you're someone who's trying to get into the online world (no matter what your age), or if you're simply curious about what it's like...


Episode Timeline:

3:35 Lexi & Tyler: A Dynamic Duo
5:48 Developing Thick Skin And Blocking Out Noise
7:51 Content Details: What They Are Posting
9:06 High Quality Camera Dance Vids: A Unique Flavor Of Tiktok
11:15 Safety On The Internet
14:01 Managing DMs, Press, Sponsors, etc.
17:26 Frequency Of Posting To Build Audience
17:58 Tiktok Growth Myths
19:13 The Father Daughter Content Creation Process
20:43 Post Production Video Editing Process
24:44 Balancing School And Friends With Social Media 30:39 Rapid Sentence Completions