In The Beginning You Have Nothing To Lose

Danielle Robay

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The beauty of being a beginner is that you have nothing to lose. You don't have a reputation yet and you don't have to worry. You can take messy action consistently and just figure things out. Danielle Robay, TV Host and Reporter, details for us what she did to break into the entertainment news scene in Los Angeles. She outlines who she called, where she went, and how she broke through the barriers to get "her shot" without any previous experience. Most of the time people think being a beginner is a negative thing...when in reality, it's actually the very thing that should give you the most freedom to TRY.


Episode Timeline:

2:56 What Is Danielle Known For?
4:08 Her New Podcast
5:58 All You Need Is A Platform
7:32 The Millennial Barbara Walters
9:33 How Danielle Broke Through To The Red Carpet
11:38 Leveraging Free Work To Get Paid Work
13:21 A Nothing To Lose Mentality: The Beauty Of Being A Beginner
14:38 Getting Paid To Get Your Reps In
16:25 Working At NBC And The Morning Show
19:01 A Love For Podcasting
22:10 Final Word Of Advice For Achieving Your Goals
23:13 Two Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking Action On Something
24:09 Rapid Sentence Completions