The Power Of Forward Thinking

Jesse Meester

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What you start out doing is not always what you end up doing...and that's completely ok. In this episode we speak to Jesse Meester about the power of taking action over time. The compound effect doesn't just work in finance, but in life. Jesse does a variety of things now...including acting, fitness, luxury travel, and coaching. He lives life completely on his own terms, but it wasn't always that way. Jesse is a prime example of someone who just starting "doing", and simply by doing, certain paths/opportunities began to open up. Tune in to hear how you can start unlocking levels in life by being willing to learn AND unlearn certain things in life.


Episode Timeline:

3:15 Who Is Jesse Meester?
8:54 Being Omnipresent On Socials
11:28 Buying Back The Most Important Asset...Time
14:12 Migrating Business To The Online World
16:45 Getting Hired As An Actor...
20:48 NFTs And Charity
26:05 Mental Health
27:32 The Membership Model Of Patreon/OnlyFans
33:05 Two Ingredients For Making Progress
34:12 Understanding Your Target Demographic
36:28 Why You Should Be Involved In Different Communities
39:30 A Huge Gamechanger In Life
40:48 Rapid Sentence Completions