Your True Self Will Get You Further

Jax, Jaxwritessongs, 90's Kids

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Featured Guest:  @jax

Jax has been in music her whole life, yet only recently has she unlocked her "secret formula" for true success. Although it's not so secret. It simply has to do with being one's true self. As soon as she stopped trying to be something she wasn't and started putting out authentic content on Tiktok, that's when things really started to change. Jax is now a signed music artist with Atlantic Records and in this episode she describes what it took to get there and how she did it. We uncover personal stories, viewpoints, and pieces of advice which helped her along the way. If you're trying to "make a name for yourself" in ANY industry, this is a must listen. 


Episode Timeline:

3:15 What Is "Dad Pop"
4:35 Her Music Industry Come Up + Blowing Up On Tiktok
7:54 Signing With Atlantic Records
8:34 How She First Monetized Music
9:41 Why EVERYONE Is An Influencer
10:40 Specialization + Practice
11:48 Advice For Artists In The Beginning Stages
13:43 90's Kids And The Sandlot Reenactment
18:51 Struggles + Reinvention
21:12 What Does Getting "Signed" By A Record Label Really Mean In 2021?
24:54 Ok, Boomer.
27:56 Mentors + Dream Collabs
31:01 Ring Pops
32:11 Best Piece Of Advice She's Learned
35:46 Rapid Round
43:10 Jax: "90's Kids" (Song In Full)