Massive Growth From Teaching A Language On Social Media


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Featured Guest:  @Atfrenchies

Alex and Tom are college students from France. For awhile they were trying to figure out a direction on social media. After seeing several Tiktoks go viral based simply upon speaking their native language, French, they decided to continue with that trend. After a year of posting consistent content, they have grown massively and are exploring different ways to support themselves without compromising their number one priority...having fun. 


Episode Timeline:

2:20 Type Of Content
3:33 "Edu-Tainment"
4:07 The Beginning...
7:00 The Content Strategy Game
11:50 The Followers To Money Formula Is Not Linear
16:15 Teaching French
20:14 Home Towns In France
23:03 Their Personal Content Collabs
27:10 Youtube
28:47 Rapid Round